Cooperative multicast exploiting Physical layer Network Coding: A performance analysis


In this paper, a novel cooperative scheme based on Physical layer Network Coding (PNC) for short range communication (SRC) networks is proposed. We present a scenario of overlapping networks with multicast traffic and propose a technique of indirect inter-group cooperation, based on the features of PNC. Our main goal is to exploit the characteristics of PNC to provide a solution for cooperative SRC networks, that presents high levels of energy efficiency without degrading Quality of Service (QoS). Illustrating the performance of our proposed cooperative scenario, it is proved that it is highly energy efficient and it also presents higher throughput compared to conventional cooperative schemes. The throughput, the delay and the energy efficiency of the neighbouring networks are analytically presented and the mathematical analysis is validated through extensive simulations.

DOI: 10.1109/ICCW.2013.6649384

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