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Cooperative folding of muscle myosins: I. Mechanical model

  title={Cooperative folding of muscle myosins: I. Mechanical model},
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Mechanically induced folding of passive cross-linkers is a fundamental biological phenomenon. A typical example is a conformational change in myosin II responsible for the power-stroke in skeletal muscles. In this paper we present an athermal perspective on such folding by analyzing the simplest purely mechanical prototype: a parallel bundle of bi-stable units attached to a common backbone. We show that in this analytically transparent model, characterized by a rugged energy landscape, the… 
Phase Boundary Propagation in Mass Spring Chains and Long Molecules
PHASE BOUNDARY PROPAGATION IN MASS SPRING CHAINS AND LONG MOLECULES Qingze Zhao Prashant K. Purohit Martensitic phase transitions in crystalline solids have been studied and utilized for many


Mechanics of Motor Proteins and the Cytoskeleton
The Motility Models: From Crossbridges to Motion chapter describes the building blocks of the Cytoskeleton and some of the mechanisms used in its manufacture are described.
What is biological physics
The overlying goal of the course is for us to understand the cell as a physical entity, and insist on understanding through principled mathematical models and precision measurements.
The strength and rigidity of Kuntscher nails and onlay plates, applied to the tibia, were tested in the laboratories of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College. In bending, 13 and
Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • J. Davies
  • Biology
    Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Journal
  • 1983
This is undoubtedly a landmark for the student and his teacher in the field of preclinical medicine, and the successful texts in these areas eschew traditional academic contrapuntal argument.
Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model has been used repeatedly to treat depression and anxiety. The case presented here is a 34-year-old female law student with an adjustment disorder with mixed
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