Cooperative efforts improve compliance with acute stroke guidelines.


OBJECTIVE Guidelines for emergency treatment of stroke are not always known or followed. Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc. collaborated with hospitals to determine how closely the current American Heart Association (AHA) and the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) guidelines were being followed and to improve compliance with these guidelines. METHODS Medical records of patients admitted for acute stroke to 32 hospitals were retrospectively reviewed for compliance with six quality indicators (QIs) on the basis of AHA and AHCA guidelines. Hospitals were provided feedback on their levels of guideline compliance, and they subsequently implemented measures to improve compliance. After 6 months, the records of patients admitted after the provision of feedback were reviewed for compliance with the same six QIs. RESULTS Compliance improved with regard to all QIs and was statistically significant for three of them. CONCLUSION Feedback on performance, coupled with proactive collaboration with emergency department staff, resulted in improved compliance with the stroke guidelines.

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