Cooperative dynamics in doped manganite films: Phonon anomalies in the ferromagnetic state

  title={Cooperative dynamics in doped manganite films: Phonon anomalies in the ferromagnetic state},
  author={Ch. Hartinger and Franz Mayr and Alois Loidl and Thilo Kopp},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We present optical measurements of phononic excitations in La$_{2/3}$Ca$_{1/3}$MnO$_{3}$ (LCMO) and La$_{2/3}$Sr$_{1/3}$MnO$_{3}$ (LSMO) thin films covering the full temperature range from the metallic ferromagnetic to the insulating paramagnetic phase. All eight phonons expected for the R$\bar{3}$c symmetry in LSMO and 17 out of the expected 25 phonons for the Pnma symmetry in LCMO have been determined. Close to the ferromagnetic-to-paramagnetic transition both compounds reveal an anomalous… 
Phonon metamorphosis in ferromagnetic manganite films: Probing the evolution of an inhomogeneous state
The analysis of phonon anomalies provides valuable information about the cooperative dynamics of lattice, spin and charge degrees of freedom. Significant is the anomalous temperature dependence of
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The lightly doped ${\mathrm{La}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Sr}}_{x}{\mathrm{MnO}}_{3}$ system was investigated using x-ray diffraction and far-infrared spectroscopy in the insulating range for
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In the colossal magnetoresistance manganites polarons have been proposed as the charge carrier state which localizes across the metal-insulator transition. The character of the polarons is still
Evidence of the Fano resonance in a temperature dependent Raman study of CaCu3Ti4O12 and SrCu3Ti4O12.
  • D. K. Mishra, V. Sathe
  • Chemistry
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2012
The evolution of the Fano line shape with temperature affirms the existence of nanoscale phase separation and the prominence of orbitally disrupted metallic regions above 100 K and anomalies manifest mutual coupling of orbital degrees offreedom to lattice degrees of freedom.
Using half-metallic manganite interfaces to reveal insights into spintronics.
This review details recent advances on manganite thin film research within the field of spintronics, before presenting the structural, electronic and spin-polarized solid-state tunnelling transport studies that have been performed on heterostructures involving La(2/3)Sr(1/ 3)MnO( 3) thin films separated by SrTiO(3) barriers.
Modulation of Manganite Nanofilm Properties Mediated by Strong Influence of Strontium Titanate Excitons.
The result shows that the onset of anomalous excitonic dynamics in manganite oxides may potentially generate new approaches in manipulating exciton-based optoelectronic applications.
Study on Extraordinary Transport Behaviors of Polycrystalline La-Sb-Mn-O Ceramic
The transport properties of polycrystalline La0.9Sb0.1MnO3 (LSMO) bulk prepared by the solid-state reaction were investigated. We find that transport behaviors heavily depend on the synthesis
Electron-phonon coupling in perovskites studied by Raman Scattering
Raman scattering is an unique technique for characterization and quantification of electron-phonon, spin-phonon and spin-lattice coupling in many of the currently prominent compounds like


Recent optical conductivity $\sigma(\omega)$ experiments have revealed an anomalous spectral distribution in the ferromagnetic phase of the perovskite system $La_{1-x}Sr_xMnO_3$. Using finite
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It is shown theoretically that the buckling of the ${\mathrm{CuO}}_{2}$ planes in certain cuprate systems can be explained in terms of an electric field across the planes which originates from
Lattice effects on the magnetoresistance in doped LaMnO3.
The results show that the notion of ``double exchange'' must be generalized to include changes in the Mn-Mn electronic hopping parameter as a result of changes inThe Mn-O-Mm bond angle.
Magnetism and structural distortion in the La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 metallic ferromagnet.
The superlattice reflection intensities are independent of temperature demonstrating that there is no primary lattice distortion anomaly at the magnetic transition temperature {ital T}{sub {ital C}}=378.1 K; however, there is a lattice contraction.
Spectroscopic studies of small to large polaron crossover in the perovskite manganese oxides
We present an optical reflectance and Raman-scattering study of the ${A}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{A}_{x}^{\ensuremath{'}}{\mathrm{MnO}}_{3}$ system as a function of temperature and doping $(0.2l~xl~0.5).$
Effect of structural and magnetic transitions in La 1 − x M x MnO 3 ( M = Sr , Ca) single crystals in Raman scattering
Polarized Raman spectra of undoped and doped ${\mathrm{La}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{M}_{x}{\mathrm{MnO}}_{3}$ single crystals have been studied in the temperature range from 5 to 423 K ($M=\mathrm{Sr},$
Insulator-metal transition and giant magnetoresistance in La1-xSrxMnO3.
Insulator-metal phenomena depending on band filling, temperature, and external magnetic field have been investigated for prototypical double-exchange ferromagnets, namely, crystals of crystals of La 1-x, showing large negative magnetoresistance around the ferromagnetic transition temperature.
Spontaneous behavior and magnetic field and pressure effects on La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 perovskite.
The effects of magnetic field and pressure on the unusual spontaneous behavior of ${\mathrm{La}}_{2/3}$${\mathrm{Ca}}_{1/3}$${\mathrm{MnO}}_{3}$ have been thoroughly investigated. Resistivity and
Effects of phonon hardening on the polaron transport in colossal magnetoresistive manganites
It is well established that transport properties of colossal magnetoresistive manganites can be qualitatively explained by the small polaron model incorporating the double-exchange interaction. We