Cooperative Negotiation and Control Strategy of A Shape-shifting Robot


The complex environment requires mobile robots to possess high capability of obstacle negotiation. Cooperative negotiation is proposed to endow the AMOEBA-I robot with capability of obstacle negotiation and to reinforce the adaptability of the robot in unstructured environment. A mathematical model is established. The relationship between the height that the robot can overcome and angle with gravity offset's variation is analyzed theoretically. The maximum heights that conventional negotiation method can reach and cooperative negotiation method can reach are compared. Control strategy of autonomous negotiation is presented. The emotion model is established and the robot's control strategy is fine-tuned according to the change of emotion. Experimental results prove the validity of the cooperative negotiation method and autonomous control strategy.

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@article{Li2008CooperativeNA, title={Cooperative Negotiation and Control Strategy of A Shape-shifting Robot}, author={Bin Li and Shugen Ma and Tonglin Liu and Jinguo Liu}, journal={2008 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics}, year={2008}, pages={53-57} }