Cooperative Control and Application of D-STATCOM and Switched Capacitor Branch


According to the problem that D-STATCOM is difficult to promote for its high price, this paper proposes a mixing application idea of D-STATCOM and switched capacitor. As for one group of switched capacitor and D-STATCOM, a minimize loss switching strategy is presented to achieve the optimization of overall loss. And for multiple groups of switched capacitor and D-STATCOM, a cooperative control tactics that effectively combines the advantages of fast response of D-STATCOM and low cost switched capacitor is explained to achieve a well cooperation of active and passive compensation devices. Field application comprehensively considers the operating conditions of impact load as well as the characteristics of original capacitors and constitutes an integrated compensation system, which takes into account steady-state voltage regulation of the substation and dynamic compensation demand of impact load, and achieves good effects of power quality control. Project ideas can provide a reference for similar projects to carry out power quality control.

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