Cooperating pre-T-cell receptor and TCF-1-dependent signals ensure thymocyte survival.

  title={Cooperating pre-T-cell receptor and TCF-1-dependent signals ensure thymocyte survival.},
  author={Delphine Goux and Jerome D Coudert and D. see Maurice and L{\'e}onardo Scarpellino and Gr{\'e}goire Jeannet and Stefano Piccolo and Kathleen Weston and Joerg Huelsken and Werner Held},
  volume={106 5},
Intrathymic T-cell maturation critically depends on the selective expansion of thymocytes expressing a functionally rearranged T-cell receptor (TCR) beta chain. In addition, TCR-independent signals also contribute to normal T-cell development. It is unclear whether and how signals from the 2 types of pathways are integrated. Here, we show that T-cell factor-1 (TCF-1), a nuclear effector of the canonical wingless/int (wnt)/catenin signaling pathway, ensures the survival of proliferating, pre-TCR… CONTINUE READING


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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A • 2003

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