Cooling processes in the thermal hardening of reinforcement

  title={Cooling processes in the thermal hardening of reinforcement},
  author={K. Yu. Eismondt and Yu. I. Lipunov and Yu. G. Yaroshenko and N. V. Bashmachenko and Yu. V. Fedorichev},
111 In the production of periodic steel reinforcement for ferroconcrete, the latest development is the production reinforcement of diameter up to 40 mm (inclusive) and of strength class A500C or higher (according to the STO ASChM7-93 standard) from regular steel (such as 3 ÔÒ and 3 ÉÔÒ steel) thermally hardened by the rolling heat. Current bar-rolling mills in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus permit the production of thermally hardened reinforcement of diameter 10–25 mm. 


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