Cooling of Tropical Brazil (5{degrees}C) During the Last Glacial Maximum.

  title={Cooling of Tropical Brazil (5\{degrees\}C) During the Last Glacial Maximum.},
  author={Matthias Stute and Martin David Forster and H Frischkorn and A Serejo and Jordan F. Clark and Peter Schlosser and Wallace S Broecker and Georges Bonani},
  volume={269 5222},
A 30,000-year paleotemperature record derived from noble gases dissolved in carbon-14-dated ground water indicates that the climate in lowland Brazil (Piaui Province, 7 degrees S, 41.5 degrees W; altitude, 400 meters) was 5.4 degrees +/- 0.6 degrees C cooler during the last glacial maximum than today. This result suggests a rather uniform cooling of the Americas between 40 degrees S and 40 degrees N. A 5.4 degrees C cooling of tropical South America is consistent with pollen records, snow line… CONTINUE READING
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