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Cooking for the Gods : the art of home ritual in Bengal

  title={Cooking for the Gods : the art of home ritual in Bengal},
  author={Pika Ghosh and Edward C. Dimock, and Michael W. Meister},
A written and visual presentation of the complex relationships between art and cultural production of ritual in Bengal. The focus is on puja: the concept, acts, and relationship of honor and respect shown by the sacred preparation and offering of food to household gods and goddesses. Excellent colo 
Materiality of Religion in Judean Households: A Contextual Analysis of Ritual Objects from Iron II Tell en-Naṣbeh
The author highlights household religion through a direct, contextual presentation of ritual artifacts from one Judean household compound at Tell en-Naṣbeh in their original contexts. The compound is
‘Gopāl is my Baby’: Vulnerable Deities and Maternal Love at Bengali Home Shrines
This article utilises interviews I completed with Hindu Bengali women in Kolkata, India, concerning their practices of domestic shrine care and worship. I illustrate how the loving relationship
Unrolling a Narrative Scroll: Artistic Practice and Identity in Late-Nineteenth-Century Bengal
Two and a half thousand years ago, long before Lakshman Sena ruled Bengal, there was a monster who came out of its cave every night and ate people. The people could not kill him because they feared
Image Iconopraxis and Iconoplasty in South Asia
In India's religions, deities often emerge from the earth. The origin legend of the Dadhimat?-m?t? temple, near Nagaur in Rajasthan, tells of the goddess rising from rocky ground amid the sound of an
Religious recipes: Culinary Motherlines of feasts and fasts in India