Convulsant actions of 4-aminopyridine on the guinea-pig olfactory cortex slice

  title={Convulsant actions of 4-aminopyridine on the guinea-pig olfactory cortex slice},
  author={Mart{\'i}n Galv{\'a}n and Peter Grafe and Gerrit ten Bruggencate},
  journal={Brain Research},
The effects of bath-applied 4-aminopyridine on neurones and extracellular potassium and calcium concentrations were recorded in slices of guinea-pig olfactory cortex. Neurones were orthodromically activated by stimulating the lateral olfactory tract. 4-Aminopyridine (3-10 microM) had the following effects: (1) an increase in the frequency and amplitude of spontaneous postsynaptic potentials; (2) a prolongation and oscillatory behaviour of orthodromically evoked postsynaptic potentials; (3… CONTINUE READING


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