Convolutive Bottleneck Network features for LVCSR

  title={Convolutive Bottleneck Network features for LVCSR},
  author={Karel Vesel{\'y} and Martin Karafi{\'a}t and Frantisek Gr{\'e}zl},
  journal={2011 IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition & Understanding},
In this paper, we focus on improvements of the bottleneck ANN in a Tandem LVCSR system. First, the influence of training set size and the ANN size is evaluated. Second, a very positive effect of linear bottleneck is shown. Finally a Convolutive Bottleneck Network is proposed as extension of the current state-of-the-art Universal Context Network. The proposed training method leads to 5.5% relative reduction of WER, compared to the Universal Context ANN baseline. The relative improvement compared… CONTINUE READING
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