Convex programming in Hilbert space

  title={Convex programming in Hilbert space},
  author={Allen A. Goldstein},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • A. Goldstein
  • Published 1 September 1964
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
This note gives a construction for minimizing certain twice-differentiable functions on a closed convex subset C, of a Hubert Space, H. The algorithm assumes one can constructively "project" points onto convex sets. A related algorithm may be found in Cheney-Goldstein [ l ] , where a constructive fixed-point theorem is employed to construct points inducing a minimum distance between two convex sets. In certain instances when such projections are not too difficult to construct, say on spheres… 

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Abstract In this paper, we study variational inequalities in a real Hilbert space, which are governed by a strongly monotone and Lipschitz continuous operator F over a closed and convex set C. We

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Many convex optimization problems in a Hilbert space ℋ can be written as the following variational inequality problem VIP (ℱ, C): Find such that for all z ∈ C, where C ⊂ ℋ is closed convex and ℱ: ℋ →

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A nontrivial integration of the ideas of the hybrid steepest descent method and the Moreau–Yosida regularization is proposed, yielding a useful approach to the challenging problem of nonsmooth convex optimization over Fix(T).

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A class of reduced-gradient projection algorithms for solving the case where the simpler polyhedral set is a box is proposed and this bound is used to show that algorithms in this class attain a linear rate of convergence.

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This paper develops convergence theory of the gradient projection method by Calamai and Moré which, for minimizing a continuously differentiable optimization problem min{f(x) : x ε Ω} where Ω is a nonempty closed convex set, generates a sequence xk+1 = P( xk − αk ∇ f(xk) where the stepsize αk > 0 is chosen suitably.


In this paper we present an application of a class of quasi-nonexpansive operators to iterative methods for solving the following variational inequality problem VIP(F,C): Find ū ∈ C such that 〈F ū,

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Functional and convex analysis are closely intertwined. In this chapter we recall the basic concepts and results from functional analysis and calculus that will be needed throughout this book. A

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In this paper we propose a new iterative method for solving a class of linear complementarity problems:u ≥ 0,Mu + q ≥ 0, uT(Mu + q)=0, where M is a givenl ×l positive semidefinite matrix (not

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Abstract We study variational inequalities which are governed by a strongly monotone and Lipschitz continuous operator F over a closed and convex set S. We assume that is the nonempty solution set of



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The method of successive approximation is applied to the problem of obtaining points of minimum distance on two convex sets. Specifically, given a closed convex set K in Hilbert space, let P be the