Convex drawings of the complete graph: topology meets geometry

  title={Convex drawings of the complete graph: topology meets geometry},
  author={Alan Arroyo and Dan McQuillan and R. Bruce Richter and Gelasio Salazar},
  journal={Ars Mathematica Contemporanea},
In this work, we introduce and develop a theory of convex drawings of the complete graph $K_n$ in the sphere. A drawing $D$ of $K_n$ is convex if, for every 3-cycle $T$ of $K_n$, there is a closed disc $\Delta_T$ bounded by $D[T]$ such that, for any two vertices $u,v$ with $D[u]$ and $D[v]$ both in $\Delta_T$, the entire edge $D[uv]$ is also contained in $\Delta_T$. As one application of this perspective, we consider drawings containing a non-convex $K_5$ that has restrictions on its… Expand
On Geometric Drawings of Graphs
This work characterize the minimal forbidden subdrawings for pseudolinear drawings and provides a polynomial-time algorithm for recognizing this family of drawings and introduces the notion pseudospherical drawings of Kn, a generalization of spherical drawings in which each edge is a minor arc of a great circle. Expand
Topological Drawings meet Classical Theorems from Convex Geometry
In this article we discuss classical theorems from Convex Geometry in the context of topological drawings. In a simple topological drawing of the complete graph $K_n$, any two edges share at most oneExpand
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Empty Triangles in Good Drawings of the Complete Graph
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Shellable Drawings and the Cylindrical Crossing Number of $$K_{n}$$Kn
The techniques developed provide a unified proof of the Harary–Hill conjecture for shellable drawings and it is proved that all cylindrical, x-bounded, monotone, and 2-page drawings of K_n Kn are s-shellable for some s≥n/2 and thus they all have at least Z(n) = 14n2n-12n-22n-32 crossings. Expand
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Complete Graph Drawings Up to Triangle Mutations
  • E. Gioan
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • WG
  • 2005
It is proved, constructively, that two complete graph drawings have the same subsketch if and only if they can be transformed into each other by a sequence of triangle mutations – or triangle switches. Expand
Levi's Lemma, pseudolinear drawings of Kn, and empty triangles
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We prove that the minimum number of convex quadrilaterals determined by n points in general position in the plane ‐ or in other words, the rectilinear crossing number of the complete graph Kn ‐ is atExpand
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Let P - {pi,p2,. . . ,p"} be an independent point-set in 1R'' (i.e., there are no d + 1 on a hyperplane). A simplex determined by d + 1 different points of P is called empty if it contains no pointExpand
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