Conversion of lignin to aromatic-based chemicals (L-chems) and biofuels (L-fuels).

  title={Conversion of lignin to aromatic-based chemicals (L-chems) and biofuels (L-fuels).},
  author={Romain Beauchet and Fanny Monteil-Rivera and J. M. Lavoie},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
Conversion of lignin into chemicals and biofuels was performed using the commercial Kraft lignin, Indulin AT. Lignin was depolymerised in an aqueous alkaline solution using a continuous flow reactor generating four fractions. First is the gas fraction (mainly CO(2)), the second includes methanol, acetic acid and formic acid, thus defined as small organic compounds and third one (up to 19.1 wt.% of lignin) is mostly composed of aromatic monomers. The fourth fraction (45-70 wt.%) contains… CONTINUE READING
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