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Conversion of Sign Language into Text

  title={Conversion of Sign Language into Text},
  author={Mahesh Kumar},
Sign Language Recognition is one of the most growing fields of research area. Many new techniques have been developed recently in this area. The Sign Language is mainly used for communication of deaf-dumb people. This paper shows the sign language recognizing of 26 hand gestures in Indian sign language using MATLAB. The proposed system contains four modules such as: pre-processing and hand segmentation, feature extraction, sign recognition and sign to text. By using image processing the… Expand
A Survey on Sign Language Recognition Systems
Sign language is used by speech impaired people for communication but normal people do not know sign language which causes a communication gap between them. This gap can be filled using today’sExpand
Sign Language Recognition Techniques- A Review
Sign language reduces the barrier for communicating with the humans having impaired of speech and hearing, on the other hand Sign language cannot be easily understood by common people. Therefore, aExpand
An Improved Hand Gesture Recognition Algorithm based on image contours to Identify the American Sign Language
It is an open era of research to provide the assistance communication to hearing and visually impaired people. For the same, this paper proposed a recognition and classification of hand gesture toExpand
Development of arabic sign language dictionary using 3D avatar technologies
A dictionary of Arabic language to ArSL has been constructed as a part of a translation system in which written text can be transformed into sign language and can be utilized for the education of deaf people. Expand
Generating Glosses of Indian Sign Language from English Texts: A proposed Hybrid Machine Translation Method
Sign languages are the primary mode of communication within the community of deaf and hard of hearing people. Generation of dynamic signs from texts can be communicated to these community of aExpand
Speech Assistance for the Deaf
Communication is a fundamental for existence as well as it is a key element to progress. Unfortunately, there are many people born without this ability, therefore for effective communication betweenExpand
Sign Language Detection using Image Processing and Deep Learning
1Professor, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Xavier Institute of Engineering, Maharashtra, India. 2Student, Dept. of Engineering, Xavier Institute of Engineering, Maharashtra, India.Expand


Shape, texture and local movement hand gesture features for Indian Sign Language recognition
An approach which addresses local-global ambiguity identification, inter-class variability enhancement for each hand gesture, and performance is analyzed with well known classifiers like SVM, KNN & DTW to prove the better efficiency of the proposed approach. Expand
Hand gesture recognition based on shape parameters
  • M. Panwar
  • Computer Science
  • 2012 International Conference on Computing, Communication and Applications
  • 2012
This paper aims to present a real time system for hand gesture recognition on the basis of detection of some meaningful shape based features like orientation, centre of mass (centroid), status of fingers, thumb in terms of raised or folded fingers of hand and their respective location in image. Expand
MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand Gesture Recognition
A recognition algorithm based on sign sequence and template matching as presented in this paper can be used for nonspecific-users hand-gesture recognition without the time consuming user-training process prior to gesture recognition. Expand
An HMM-based speech synthesis system applied to English
This paper describes an HMM-based speech synthesis system (HTS), in which the speech waveform is generated from HMM themselves, and applies it to English speech synthesis using the general speechExpand
Application Research on Face Detection Technology based on OpenCV in Mobile Augmented Reality
A development framework of the face detection technique based on OpenCV in mobile augmented reality application is proposed and this essay takes the AR face book show as an example analyzes the key technology in the process of development and proves its feasibility and effectiveness. Expand
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