Conversion disorder in adolescents: A review and case report

  title={Conversion disorder in adolescents: A review and case report},
  author={Antun Milas and Mauricio Garc{\'i}a Moreno and Victorero Mac{\'i}as and Nestor Lora and N. Rodr{\'i}guez Criado and Blanca S{\'a}nchez S{\'a}nchez},
Introduction Conversion disorder (CD) is an uncommon but highly disabling condition. Affected children and adolescents are often severely impaired and at risk of serious long-term physical and psychosocial complications. Despite the enormous personal suffering and health resource implications of CD, little research has been done. Objectives To update our knowledge about CD in adolescents, with a comprehensive review of the literature with special focus in prevalence, psychosocial factors… CONTINUE READING

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