Conversations with Lewis R. Binford on historical archaeology

  title={Conversations with Lewis R. Binford on historical archaeology},
  author={Melburn D. Thurman},
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Water and War at Pyreneus Mountains: Historical Eco-Archaeology of a Goldmine Village in the end of
The Lavras do Abade research is a multiple perspective archaeological study about the environmental impacts of a gold mining village in Mid-Western Brazil that was destroyed by neighboring villages
Western Europe: Historical Archaeology
Excavating Communities: Lewis R. Binford and the Interpretation of the Archaeological Record in Illinois
ABSTRACT Lewis Binford’s contributions to field archaeology have been largely ignored in favor of his many contributions to theoretical issues dominating the discipline of archaeology at the end of
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Lewis Binford and his moral majority
This essay looks at the late Lewis Binford's career from the standpoint of sociology of science. His thinking and manner reflect his socialization in Virginia Baptist subculture. As convinced of his
Global historical archaeology: a Scottish example
In summer 2005, I participated in a National Science Foundation project administered through the Pennsylvania State University Department of Anthropology that sought to develop an ethnoarchaeological
Problem Orientation in Australian Historical Archaeology
Australian historical archaeologists still have to convince many academics in other disciplines and the public at large that archaeological research concerned with the material record of the last two
Mangling Symbols of Gentility in the Wild West: Case Studies in Interpretive Archaeology
Gentility (aka, "Victorian culture") was the preeminent model of propriety in mid- and late-nineteenth-century California. Thanks to industrial production and an efficient supply network, the genteel