Converging evidence for triple word form theory in children with dyslexia.

  title={Converging evidence for triple word form theory in children with dyslexia.},
  author={Todd L. Richards and Elizabeth H. Aylward and Katherine M Field and Amie C Grimme and Wendy Raskind and Anne Richards and William E. Nagy and Mark M. Eckert and Christiana M. Leonard and Robert D. Abbott and Virginia W. Berninger},
  journal={Developmental neuropsychology},
  volume={30 1},
This article has 3 parts. The 1st part provides an overview of the family genetics, brain imaging, and treatment research in the University of Washington Multidisciplinary Learning Disabilities Center (UWLDC) over the past decade that points to a probable genetic basis for the unusual difficulty that individuals with dyslexia encounter in learning to read and spell. Phenotyping studies have found evidence that phonological, orthographic, and morphological word forms and their parts may… CONTINUE READING

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