Convergent dental adaptations in pseudo-tribosphenic and tribosphenic mammals

  title={Convergent dental adaptations in pseudo-tribosphenic and tribosphenic mammals},
  author={Z. Luo and Q. Ji and Chong-Xi Yuan},
  • Z. Luo, Q. Ji, Chong-Xi Yuan
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Tribosphenic molars of basal marsupials and placentals are a major adaptation, with the protocone (pestle) of the upper molar crushing and grinding in the talonid basin (mortar) on the lower molar. [...] Key Result Its shoulder girdle and limbs show fossorial features similar to those of mammaliaforms and monotremes, but different compared with those of the earliest-known Laurasian tribosphenic (boreosphenid) mammals. The find reveals a much greater range of dental evolution in Mesozoic mammals than in their…Expand Abstract
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