Convergent Evolution of Human and Bovine Haptoglobin: Partial Duplication of the Genes

  title={Convergent Evolution of Human and Bovine Haptoglobin: Partial Duplication of the Genes},
  author={Krzysztof B. Wicher and Erik Fries},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Evolution},
Haptoglobin (Hp) is a hemoglobin-binding plasma protein consisting of two types of chains, called α and β, which originate from a common polypeptide. In humans, but not in other mammals, Hp has been shown to occur in two allelic forms, Hp1 and Hp2, which differ in the length of the α-chain. The longer α-chain (in Hp2) seems to have arisen by an internal duplication of a gene segment coding for almost the entire α-chain of Hp1. In this article we show that Hp of cow (Bos taurus) contains an… CONTINUE READING


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