Convergence of binomial to normal: multiple proofs

  title={Convergence of binomial to normal: multiple proofs},
  author={Subhash C. Bagui and K. L. Mehra},
This article presents four different proofs of the convergence of the Binomial ( , ) B n p distribution to a limiting normal distribution, n. These contrasting proofs may not be all found together in a single book or an article in the statistical literature. Readers of this article would find the presentation informative and especially useful from the pedagogical standpoint. This review of proofs should be of interest to teachers and students of senior undergraduate courses in probability and… 
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  • Grey Giddins
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    The Journal of hand surgery, European volume
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Muteism is often manifest in several members of a family derived from a com'mon, though not a deaf-and-dumb stock, and is more common in the rural than in the civic portions; and in the hilly than the flat districts.
Elementary statistics, in a world of applications
Methodus Differentialis, London, 1730
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  • 2017
Convergence of binomial
  • Poisson, negativebinomial, and gamma to normal distribution: Moment generating functions technique, American Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, 6
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