Convergence error estimates at low regularity for time discretizations of KdV

  title={Convergence error estimates at low regularity for time discretizations of KdV},
  author={Frederic Rousset and Katharina Schratz},
We consider various filtered time discretizations of the periodic Korteweg–de Vries equation: a filtered exponential integrator, a filtered Lie splitting scheme as well as a filtered resonance based discretisation and establish convergence error estimates at low regularity. Our analysis is based on discrete Bourgain spaces and allows to prove convergence in L for rough data u0 ∈ H , s > 0 with an explicit convergence rate. 

An unfiltered low-regularity integrator for the KdV equation with solutions below H1

. This article is concerned with the construction and analysis of new time discretizations for the KdV equation on a torus for low-regularity solutions below H 1 . New harmonic analysis tools,

Bridging the gap: symplecticity and low regularity on the example of the KdV equation

Recent years have seen an increasing amount of research devoted to the development of so-called resonance-based methods for dispersive nonlinear partial differential equations. In many situations,

Approximations of dispersive PDEs in the presence of low-regularity randomness

A novel combinatorial structure called paired decorated forests which are two decorated trees whose decorations on the leaves come in pair are introduced which allows for low regularity approximations to the expectation E ( | u k ( τ, v η ) | 2 ) , where u k denotes the k -th Fourier coefficient of the solution u of the dispersive equation and v x the associated random initial data.

Uniformly accurate splitting schemes for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation with dispersive parameter

A rigorous convergence analysis of the splitting schemes exploiting the smoothing properties in the Benjamin– Bona-Mahony equation is carried out, showing that in the classical BBM case P (∂x) = ∂x the authors' Lie splitting does not require any spatial regularity.



Error estimates at low regularity of splitting schemes for NLS

This work proves convergence rates of order τ s/2 in L at this level of regularity by using discrete Bourgain spaces to establish error estimates at low regularity.

Optimal convergence of a second order low-regularity integrator for the KdV equation

It is shown that the optimal convergence result of a second order exponential-type integrator for solving the KdV equation under rough initial data provides second order accuracy in H for initial data in H+4 for any $\gamma\geq0$, which is the lowest possible regularity requirement so far.

Fourier integrator for periodic NLS: low regularity estimates via discrete Bourgain spaces

A new scheme for the integration of the periodic nonlinear Schrodinger equation is proposed and rigorously prove convergence rates at low regularity, based on discrete Bourgain space estimates which are introduced in this paper.

Error estimates of a Fourier integrator for the cubic Schrödinger equation at low regularity

A rigorous error analysis is performed and better convergence rates at low regularity are established than known for classical schemes in the literature so far for this new filtered low-regularity Fourier integrator for the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

A Lawson-type exponential integrator for the Korteweg–de Vries equation

We propose an explicit numerical method for the periodic Korteweg–de Vries equation. Our method is based on a Lawson-type exponential integrator for time integration and the Rusanov scheme for

Numerical Dispersive Schemes for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

The convergence of the two-grid method for nonlinearities that cannot be handled by energy arguments and which, even in the continuous case, require Strichartz estimates is proved.

Operator Splitting Methods for Generalized Korteweg-De Vries Equations

We apply the method of operator splitting on the generalized Korteweg--de Vries (KdV) equation ut+f(u)x+?uxxx=0, by solving the nonlinear conservation law ut+f(u)x=0 and the linear dispersive

Embedded exponential-type low-regularity integrators for KdV equation under rough data

A novel class of embedded exponential-type low-regularity integrators (ELRIs) for solving the KdV equation is introduced and their optimal convergence results under rough initial data are established.

An exponential-type integrator for the KdV equation

An exponential-type time-integrator for the KdV equation is introduced and its first-order convergence in H1 for initial data in H3 is proved, paving the way for a second-order method.

Operator splitting for partial differential equations with Burgers nonlinearity

It is shown that the Strang splitting method converges with the expected rate if the initial data are sufficiently regular and for the KdV equation, second-order convergence in H^r for initial data in $H^{r+5}$ with arbitrary $r\ge 1$.