Convergence Rate Analysis of a Multiplicative Schwarz Method for Variational Inequalities

  title={Convergence Rate Analysis of a Multiplicative Schwarz Method for Variational Inequalities},
  author={Lori Badea and Xuecheng Tai and Junping Wang},
  journal={SIAM J. Numer. Anal.},
This paper derives a linear convergence for the Schwarz overlapping domain decomposition method when applied to constrained minimization problems. The convergence analysis is based on a minimization approach to the corresponding functional over a convex set. A general framework of convergence is established for some multiplicative Schwarz algorithm. The abstract theory is particularly applied to some obstacle problems, which yields a linear convergence for the corresponding Schwarz overlapping… 

Convergence rate of a multiplicative Schwarz method for strongly nonlinear variational inequalities

  • L. Badea
  • Mathematics
    Analysis and Optimization of Differential Systems
  • 2002
The convergence and estimate the error of a general algorithm for the minimization of non-quadratic functionals over a convex set in a reflexive Banach space is proved, and it is proved that the introduced assumption holds if the conveX set is defined by constraints on the function values almost everywhere in the domain.

Convergence Rate of a Schwarz Multilevel Method for the Constrained Minimization of Nonquadratic Functionals

  • L. Badea
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    SIAM J. Numer. Anal.
  • 2006
It is proved that the convergence of a subspace correction method applied to the constrained minimization of a functional in a general reflexive Banach space has been proved, provided that the convex set verifies a certain assumption.

On the linear convergence of additive Schwarz methods for the p-Laplacian

This paper presents a new abstract convergence theory of additive Schwarz methods written in terms of a quasi-norm version of the Poincar'{e}--Friedrichs inequality, which is essential for deriving a semi-norm stable decomposition for a two-level domain decomposition setting.

On the convergence of generalized Schwarz algorithms for solving obstacle problems with elliptic operators

Compared with the classical Schwarz algorithms, the generalized Schwarz algorithms use Robin conditions with parameters as the transmission conditions on the interface boundaries, so the convergence rate can be speeded up by choosing Robin parameters properly.

Pseudo-linear Convergence of an Additive Schwarz Method for Dual Total Variation Minimization

The $O(1/n)$-energy convergence of the proposed method is proven, and it is shown that such the particular value depends on the overlapping width $\delta$, and the proposedmethod becomes as efficient as linearly convergent algorithms if $\ delta$ is large.

Multilevel Schwarz method for the minimization with constraints of non-quadratic functionals.

The main goal of this paper is to check up the dependence of this convergence rate on the mesh and overlapping parameters by numerical tests concerning the solution of the two-obstacle problem of a nonlinear elastic membrane.

Global convergence rate of a standard multigrid method for variational inequalities

  • L. Badea
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2014
A multigrid algorithm for variational inequalities whose constraints are of the two-obstacle type and the method is introduced as a subspace correction algorithm in a reflexive Banach space, proving its global convergence and estimating the error making some assumptions.

Schwarz methods for inequalities with contraction operators

  • L. Badea
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2008

Convergence rate of some hybrid multigrid methods for variational inequalities

  • L. Badea
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    J. Num. Math.
  • 2015
This algorithm together with other three algorithms, which are combinations of additive or multiplicative iterations on levels with additive or multiplier iterations over the levels, are analyzed in a unitary manner and in a more general framework which allow us to consider problems in the Sobolev space.

Multigrid methods for some quasi-variational inequalities

  • L. Badea
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2013
It is proved that the assumption made in the general convergence theory holds for the one-obstacle problems, and the convergence rate depending on the number of level meshes is written.

An additive Schwarz method for variational inequalities

The Schwarz domain decomposition method is proved to converge with a geometric rate depending on the decomposition of the domain based on an framework of convergence analysis established for general variational inequalities in Hilbert spaces.

Rate of Convergence for some constraint decomposition methods for nonlinear variational inequalities

  • X. Tai
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Numerische Mathematik
  • 2003
Some general subspace correction algorithms for obstacle problems by multilevel domain decomposition and multigrid methods and a special nonlinear interpolation operator is introduced for decomposing the functions.

Parallel algorithms of schwarz variant for variational inequalities

In this paper, a sufficient and necessary condition will be given for the convergence of the parallel algorithm proposed in [10] which is suitable only in the case of K being a closed convex cone and algorithms which work for the parallel computations on generalclosed convex sets are presented.

Rate of Convergence of Some Space Decomposition Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Problems

Convergence of a space decomposition method is proved for a class of convex programming problems and two algorithms are proposed that reduce to the standard additive and multiplicative Schwarz methods for linear elliptic problems.

Convergence rate analysis of domain decomposition methods for obstacle problems

  • X. Tai
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    J. Num. Math.
  • 2001
Abstract Convergence rate estimate is given for an overlapping domain decomposition method for obstacle problems. It is shown that the computed solution will converge monotonically to the true

Error estimates for the approximation of a class of variational inequalities

In this paper, we prove a general approximation theorem useful in obtaining order of convergence estimates for the approximation of the solutions of a class of variational inequalities. The theorem

Global and uniform convergence of subspace correction methods for some convex optimization problems

This paper gives some global and uniform convergence estimates for a class of subspace correction (based on space decomposition) iterative methods applied to some unconstrained convex optimization

Convergence rate analysis of an asynchronous space decomposition method for convex Minimization

The convergence rate of an asynchronous space decomposition method for constrained convex minimization in a reflexive Banach space is analyzed, which generalizes the additive Schwarz domain decomposition methods to allow for asynchronous updates.

On the Schwarz alternating method with more than two subdomains for nonlinear monotone problems

In a Hilbert space an iterative process is defined which generalizes the Schwarz alternating method for nonlinear monotone problems to more than two subdomains and the convergence of this process is

Two-level Schwarz method for unilateral variational inequalities

A new variant of the Schwarz methodology, called the two-level Schwarz method, is developed offering the possibility of making use of fast linear solvers for the genuinely nonlinear obstacle problems.