Convenient categories of topological algebras

  title={Convenient categories of topological algebras},
  author={E. Dubuc and H. Porta},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • E. Dubuc, H. Porta
  • Published 1971
  • Mathematics
  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Introduction. Concrete associative algebras with a topology have long arisen in mathematical practice; thus, a notion of topological space with algebraic operations making it an associative algebra was in order. The subject naturally evolved into the present general theory of abstract topological algebras [5]. Classes of such objects (together with continuous maps respecting the algebraic structure) form categories which, understandably, do not share some important properties of their purely… Expand
Pontryagin Duality in the Theory of Topological Vector Spaces and in Topological Algebra
The theory of topological vector spaces (TVS), being a foundation of modern functional analysis, is now considered as a completely mature, or, to be more specific, dead mathematical discipline. ThisExpand
Although numerous contributions from divers authors, over the past fifteen years or so, have brought enriched category theory to a developed state, there is still no connected account of the theory,Expand
Convenient categories for topology
Abstract The paper begins with a general construction of a coreflective subcategory of an epireflective subcategory of TOP. Such a category is called convenient if it is generated by a class ofExpand
Exponentiality for the construct of affine sets
The topological construct SSET of affine sets over the two-point set S contains many interesting topological subconstructs such as TOP, the construct of topological spaces, and CL, the construct ofExpand
The space of tempered distributions as a k-space
In this paper, we investigate the roles of compact sets in the space of tempered distributions $\mathscr{S}^{\prime}$. The key notion is "k-spaces", which constitute a fairly general class ofExpand
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