Controversy: Politics of Technical Decisions

  title={Controversy: Politics of Technical Decisions},
  author={Dorothy Nelkin},
This book of controversies over science and technology describes and analyses the struggles between different perspectives: between those who see technological development as a rational and objective process and those who see this process as primarily political. 'No one has produced a more formidable body of work on technology, politics, and decision-making than Dorothy Nelkin; and I, like many others, have come to look forward to each new instalment. Controversy, a set of case studies edited… 
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The group politics approach to controversy analysis describes the closure of public controversies involving scientific or technological issues as an interest group's triumph over competing groups in
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Technology that is developed for benefits and profits will always produce risks and costs. Although technology assessments evaluate and compare these consequences, balancing the trade-offs and
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Applying the theories of agenda building and frame building and previous work related to the shared negotiations between sources and journalists in constructing news dramas, this article examines the
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knowledge, its production, and its codification is intrinsically linked to power and influence. The political role of science, apparent since World War II, has shaped the development of scientific
The Importance of Being European: The Science and Politics of BSE in Portugal
This article provides a comparative analysis of the contents of two parliamentary hearings on BSE carried out in Portugal in 1993 and 1996 as instances of interaction between science and politics.
Controversies as Informal Technology A ssessment
Controversies, especially those that surround "early warnings" about impacts of a technology or a large project, may be welcomed as an informal way of technology assessment. This is not always
Bourdieu’s Cleft Sociology of Science
The paper examines Pierre Bourdieu’s extensive writings on the production of scientific knowledge. The study shows that Bourdieu offered not one but two - significantly different - approaches to