Controversial Issues in Aging

  title={Controversial Issues in Aging},
  author={Andrew E. Scharlach and Lenard W. Kaye},
Preface. I. POLICY AND PROGRAM ISSUES. 1. Should Social Security Benefits be Reduced for High Income Individuals? YES: Martha H. Phillips. NO: Teresa Ghilarducci. 2. Should Eligibility for Medicare be Means-Tested? YES: Bill Niskanen. NO: Marilyn Moon. 3. Should the Aging Network be Dismantled? YES: Elias S. Cohen. NO: Donna L. Wagner. 4. Should There be an Affirmative Action Policy for Hiring Older Persons? YES: Anthony A. Sterns and Harvey L. Sterns. NO: Phillip Longman. 5. Are Private Sector… CONTINUE READING

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