Controls on geomagnetic reversals and core evolution by mantle convection in the Phanerozoic

  title={Controls on geomagnetic reversals and core evolution by mantle convection in the Phanerozoic},
  author={Peter L. Olson and Renaud Deguen and Linda A. Hinnov and Shijie Zhong},
Numerical dynamos driven by non-uniform heat flux at the core-mantle boundary are used to investigate the connections between geomagnetic field structure, geomagnetic reversal frequency, core evolution, and mantle convection through Phanerozoic time. Polarity reversal sequences and time average magnetic field structures are calculated using dynamos driven by two representations of lower mantle history: a reconstruction of mantle convection with plate motions by Zhang and Zhong (2011) that… CONTINUE READING


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