Controls of the landfast ice – ocean ecosystem offshore Barrow , Alaska

  title={Controls of the landfast ice – ocean ecosystem offshore Barrow , Alaska},
  author={Meibing Jin and Clara J. Deal and Jia Wang and Kyung-Hoon Shin and Nori Tanaka and Terry E. Whitledge and Sang Heon Lee and Rolf R. Gradinger},
Ba sed on biophysical ice-core data collected in the landfast ice off Barrow, Alaska, USA, in 2002 and 2003, a one-dimensional ice–ocean ecosystem model was developed to determine the factors controlling the bottom-ice algal community. The data and model results revealed a three-stage ice-algal bloom: (1) onset and early slow growth stage before mid-March, when growth is limited by light; (2) fast growth stage with increased light and sufficient nutrients; and (3) decline stage after late May… CONTINUE READING


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