Controlling the thymic microenvironment.

  title={Controlling the thymic microenvironment.},
  author={Daniel H. D. Gray and Tomoo Ueno and Ann P. Chidgey and Mark A. Malin and Gabrielle L. Goldberg and Yousuke Takahama and Richard L. Boyd},
  journal={Current opinion in immunology},
  volume={17 2},
T-cell development in the thymus is a stepwise process, mediated by a variety of stromal cells in different regions of the organ. Although the cellular composition of the thymic microenvironment has been known for over a decade, the molecular cues that govern its formation are only beginning to be understood. Stromal-derived chemokines attract T-cell precursors to the thymus and direct maturing thymocytes to appropriate niches for their further development. Reciprocal signals from developing T… CONTINUE READING
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