Controlling temperature dependence of silicon waveguide using slot structure.

  title={Controlling temperature dependence of silicon waveguide using slot structure.},
  author={Jong Moo Lee and Duk-Jun Kim and Gwan-Ha Kim and O Kwon and Kap-Joong Kim and Gyungock Kim},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={16 3},
We show that the temperature dependence of a silicon waveguide can be controlled well by using a slot waveguide structure filled with a polymer material. Without a slot, the amount of temperature-dependent wavelength shift for TE mode of a silicon waveguide ring resonator is very slightly reduced from 77 pm/ degrees C to 66 pm/ degrees C by using a polymer (WIR30-490) upper cladding instead of air upper cladding. With a slot filled with the same polymer, however, the reduction of the… CONTINUE READING
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