Controlling relations in conditional discrimination and matching by exclusion.

  title={Controlling relations in conditional discrimination and matching by exclusion.},
  author={William Jay McIlvane and Joanne B Kledaras and L C Munson and Keith A. King and J{\'u}lio C de Rose and L T Stoddard},
  journal={Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior},
  volume={48 2},
Normally capable adults learned two-choice identity matching of three-digit numerals and arbitrary matching of physically dissimilar nonsense syllables. The stimuli were displayed on a computer terminal, and responses consisted of typing on the terminal's keyboard. In Experiment 1, every trial displayed a sample numeral, a comparison numeral, and three equal signs (= = =). The comparison stimulus was to be selected if it was identical with the sample; otherwise the equal sign was to be selected… CONTINUE READING