Controlling granule size by granulation liquid feed pulsing.

  title={Controlling granule size by granulation liquid feed pulsing.},
  author={Tero N{\"a}rv{\"a}nen and Tanja Lipsanen and Osmo Antikainen and Heikki R{\"a}ikk{\"o}nen and Jouko K Yliruusi},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={357 1-2},
The effects of inlet air humidity, granulation liquid feed rate and granulation liquid feed pulsing on the particle-size distribution of final granules were studied in a laboratory scale fluid-bed granulator using a central composite study design. The factors examined were modelled using three different particle-size measurement techniques (sieve analysis, laser light diffraction and the spatial filtering technique). Best goodness of fit (R2=0.94) and goodness of prediction (Q2=0.90) values… CONTINUE READING