Controlling Emi with the Extended Emc{workbench


Due to the high frequencies of analog and/or digital signals and a high package density on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), problems occur concerning re-ection, crosstalk, radiation, and irradiation. New design methods have to consider the analysis of the expected radiation behaviour already during the design{phases of a PCB. If violations of the legal requirements (FCC, CISPR, VDE 0871{B, etc.) could be recognised at this stage, they can be removed at low costs. Furthermore, the design cycle of proto-typing PCB or electronic systems can be reduced. In this paper some design problems in particular with respect to radiation eeects and their detection using an extended EMC{Workbench will be discussed. The integration of the radiation tool, the Method of Moments solver COMORAN (COMputation Of RAdiatioN) into an EMC{Workbench is described.

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