Controlling Bone Graft Substitute Microstructure to Improve Bone Augmentation.

  title={Controlling Bone Graft Substitute Microstructure to Improve Bone Augmentation.},
  author={Zeeshan Sheikh and Justin Drager and Yu Zhang and Mohamed-Nur Abdallah and Faleh Tamimi and Jake Barralet},
  journal={Advanced healthcare materials},
  volume={5 13},
Vertical bone augmentation procedures are frequently carried out to allow successful placement of dental implants in otherwise atrophic ridges and represent one of the most common bone grafting procedures currently performed. Onlay autografting is one of the most prevalent and predictable techniques to achieve this; however, there are several well documented complications and drawbacks associated with it and synthetic alternatives are being sought. Monetite is a bioresorbable dicalcium… CONTINUE READING