Controlled electrostatic gating of carbon nanotube FET devices.

  title={Controlled electrostatic gating of carbon nanotube FET devices.},
  author={Alexander B. Artyukhin and Michael Stadermann and Raymond W. Friddle and Pieter A Stroeve and Olgica Bakajin and Aleksandr Noy},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={6 9},
Carbon nanotube transistors are a promising platform for the next generation of nonoptical biosensors. However, the exact nature of the biomolecule interactions with nanotubes in these devices remains unknown, creating one of the major obstacles to their practical use. We assembled alternating layers of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes on the carbon nanotube transistors to mimic gating of these devices by charged molecules. The devices showed reproducible oscillations of the transistor… CONTINUE READING
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