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Controlled Weakening Mechanism of Dynamic Catastrophe of Coal and Rock and Its Practice

  title={Controlled Weakening Mechanism of Dynamic Catastrophe of Coal and Rock and Its Practice},
  author={Lu Cai-ping and Dou Linming and Wu Xing-rong},
  journal={Journal of China University of Mining and Technology},
The essential of coal and rock dynamic catastrophe is the self-organizing critical process of energy accumulation and dissipation.If the elastic energy accumulatedin coal and rock mass reaches the critical burst energy,rock burst will happen.According to experimental researches,elastic and brittle coal mass is the main-body of energy accumulation and dissipation,the movement of key roof stratum(the hard thick sandstoneroof) can cause accumulation and dissipation of energy tolose dynamic… Expand
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Rock burst induced by roof breakage and its prevention
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The mechanism and application of high-pressure water jet technology to prevent compound dynamic disaster
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