Controllability and Observability of Boolean Control Networks via Sampled-Data Control

  title={Controllability and Observability of Boolean Control Networks via Sampled-Data Control},
  author={Qunxi Zhu and Yang Liu and Jianquan Lu and Jinde Cao},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems},
In this paper, the controllability and observability of sampled-data Boolean control networks (SDBCNs) are investigated. New phenomena are observed in the study of the controllability and observability of SDBCNs. We routinely convert SDBCNs into linear discrete-time systems by the semitensor product of matrices. Necessary and sufficient conditions are derived for the controllability of SDBCNs. After that, we combine two SDBCNs with the same transition matrix into a new SDBCN to study the… 

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On construction of sampling patterns for preserving observability/controllability of linear sampled-data systems

A new nonequidistant sampling pattern is designed such that the property of controllability and observability of the linear continuous time systems is preserved during the procedure of the sample and zero-order hold operation.

Optimal controller design for state estimation of Boolean control networks

Different from the standard observer, the optimal state estimation is completed by designing the control input instead of directly using it, where the maximum-minimum method is employed such that the state of BCNs can be uniquely estimated in possible short time steps.

Recognizing Influential Nodes in Social Networks With Controllability and Observability

A novel method to evaluate nodes from two different aspects, namely, the ability of “observe” information on the network, and the ability to propagate information to other nodes, is introduced, which is able to outperform competitive baselines in recognizing influential nodes in networks.

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    IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
  • 2019
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Controllability of Switched Boolean Control Network via Sampled-Data Control

This paper investigates the controllability of sampled-data switched Boolean control networks (SDSBCNs) with probabilistic switching signal by utilizing the semi-tensor product (STP) method and an interesting phenomenon is observed.



Controllability and Observability of Boolean Control Networks With Time-Variant Delays in States

  • Lijun ZhangKuize Zhang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • 2013
This brief investigates the controllability and observability of Boolean control networks with (not necessarily bounded) time-variant delays in states and splits the system into a finite number of subsystems with no time delays by using the idea of splitting time.

Further Results on the Controllability of Boolean Control Networks

An improved method via combining the well known Tarjan's algorithm and depth-first search technique for the controllability analysis of Boolean control networks (BCNs) is proposed and can be more efficient than the conventional method used in the recent paper.

Controllability and observability of Boolean control networks

It is shown that the problem of determining whether a BCN is observable or not is NP-hard, and it is suggested that there is no algorithm with polynomial time complexity that solves the observability problem.

A note on observability of Boolean control networks

Controllability of Boolean control networks via the Perron-Frobenius theory

Input-state incidence matrix of Boolean control networks and its applications

Observability, Reconstructibility and State Observers of Boolean Control Networks

A complete characterization of observability and reconstructibility properties for Boolean networks and Boolean control networks are provided, based both on the Boolean matrices involved in the network description and on the corresponding digraphs.

Controllability of Conjunctive Boolean Networks With Application to Gene Regulation

The question of how one can steer a CBN to enter any periodic orbit or to reach any final state, from any initial state is asked.

Preservation of reachability and observability under sampling with a first-order hold

  • T. Hagiwara
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Autom. Control.
  • 1995
This paper gives the necessary and sufficient condition for the reachability of the sampled-data system S/sub 1/ obtained by the discretization of a linear time-invariant continuous-time system with

Observability of Boolean Control Networks: A Unified Approach Based on Finite Automata

This technical note proposes a unified approach to determine all the four types of observability of BCNs, and defines the concept of weighted pair graphs for BCNs to transform a BCN to a finite automaton and then use the automaton to determine observability.