Control of vulval cell division number in the nematode Oscheius/Dolichorhabditis sp. CEW1.

  title={Control of vulval cell division number in the nematode Oscheius/Dolichorhabditis sp. CEW1.},
  author={M L Dichtel and Sophie Louvet-Vall{\'e}e and Mark E Viney and M A F{\'e}lix and Paul W. Sternberg},
  volume={157 1},
Spatial patterning of vulval precursor cell fates is achieved through a different two-stage induction mechanism in the nematode Oscheius/Dolichorhabditis sp. CEW1 compared with Caenorhabditis elegans. We therefore performed a genetic screen for vulva mutants in Oscheius sp. CEW1. Most mutants display phenotypes unknown in C. elegans. Here we present the largest mutant category, which affects division number of the vulva precursors P(4-8).p without changing their fate. Among these mutations… CONTINUE READING


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