Control of systems integrating logic, dynamics, and constraints

  title={Control of systems integrating logic, dynamics, and constraints},
  author={Alberto Bemporad and Manfred Morari},
This paper proposes a framework for modeling and controlling systems described by interdependent physical laws, logic rules, and operating constraints, denoted as mixed logical dynamical (MLD) systems. These are described by linear dynamic equations subject to linear inequalities involving real and integer variables. MLD systems include linear hybrid systems, finite state machines, some classes of discrete event systems, constrained linear systems, and nonlinear systems which can be… Expand
Predictive Control of Constrained Hybrid Systems
This paper proposes a framework for modeling and controlling systems described by interdependent physical laws, logic rules, and operating constraints, denoted as Mixed Logical Dynamical (MLD)Expand
Optimization-based hybrid control tools
  • A. Bemporad, M. Morari
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 2001 American Control Conference. (Cat. No.01CH37148)
  • 2001
The use of Model Predictive Control (MPC) based on mixed-integer programming for hybrid MLD models, and the use of multiparametric programming for obtaining explicitly the equivalent piecewise linear control form of MPC are illustrated. Expand
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Modelling, simulation and control of hybrid system integrating logic, dynamics, and constraints using hybrid automaton, APROS and mixed integer quadratic optimization algorithm
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