Control of surface reactions in high-performance SiO2 etching

  title={Control of surface reactions in high-performance SiO2 etching},
  author={Tetsuya Tatsumi and Miyako Matsui and Mitsuru Okigawa and Makoto Sekine},
The relation between SiO2 etch rates and incident fluxes of reactive species in a dual-frequency (27 MHz and 800 kHz) parallel-plate system was evaluated by using various in situ measurements tools. C4F8/Ar/O2 was used for etching gases. The steady-state thickness TC–F of a fluorocarbon polymer layer on the etched SiO2 surface was also measured. The SiO2 etch rate could be related to total F atom flux ΓF-total, which depends on both the incident fluxes of C–F reactive species and the surface… CONTINUE READING