[Control of population growth in China].

  • J Gyula
  • Published 1995 in
    Statisztikai szemle : a Magyar Központi…


"By way of introduction the study outlines the serious problems caused by the huge mass of population, and the problems associated with the strict birth control introduced by [the] Chinese government. The prevailing administrative methods, previously applied under the conditions of centralised planned economy, have lost much of their effectiveness in the developing market economy. The author analyses what other methods might be applied, in addition to (sometimes instead of) those referred [to] above, being in line with the market and based on the interests of families and communities." (SUMMARY IN ENG)

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@article{Gyula1995ControlOP, title={[Control of population growth in China].}, author={J Gyula}, journal={Statisztikai szemle : a Magyar Központi Statisztikai Hivatal folyóirata}, year={1995}, volume={73 8-9}, pages={726-34} }