Control of foliar diseases in barley: towards an integrated approach

  title={Control of foliar diseases in barley: towards an integrated approach},
  author={Dale R. Walters and Anna O. Avrova and Ian J. Bingham and Fiona J. Burnett and James M. Fountaine and Neil D. Havis and Stephen P. Hoad and Gareth Hughes and Mark E Looseley and Simon J. P. Oxley and Alan Renwick and Cairistiona F. E. Topp and Adrian C. Newton},
  journal={European Journal of Plant Pathology},
Barley is one of the world’s most important crops providing food and related products for millions of people. Diseases continue to pose a serious threat to barley production, despite the use of fungicides and resistant varieties, highlighting the impact of fungicide resistance and the breakdown of host plant resistance on the efficacy of control measures. This paper reviews progress towards an integrated approach for disease management in barley in which new methods may be combined with… CONTINUE READING
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