Control of clonorchiasis by repeated treatments with praziquantel.

  title={Control of clonorchiasis by repeated treatments with praziquantel.},
  author={Sung Tae Hong and Han Jong Rim and Duk Young Min and Xenming Li and Junmei Xu and Zheng Feng and Soon Hyung Lee},
  journal={The Korean journal of parasitology},
  volume={39 4},
The present study aimed to evaluate control efficacy of clonorchiasis by two schemes of repeated treatment with praziquantel at two endemic villages in China. Residents of one village at Guangxi Autonomous Region were treated and examined 6-monthly and of another at Liaoning Province 12-monthly. In residents that took 25 mg/kg x 3 (total 75 mg/kg) of praziquantel every 6 months for one year the egg positive rate showed a significant drop from 69.0% to 17.1%. In contrast, a group of same… CONTINUE READING

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