Control of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure by histone acetylation/deacetylation.

  title={Control of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure by histone acetylation/deacetylation.},
  author={Eric N Olson and Johannes Backs and Timothy A McKinsey},
  journal={Novartis Foundation symposium},
  pages={3-12; discussion 13-9, 152-5, 272-6}
The adult heart responds to acute and chronic stresses by a remodelling process that is accompanied by myocyte hypertrophy, impaired contractility, and pump failure, often culminating in sudden death. Pathological growth and remodelling of the adult heart is often associated with the reactivation of a fetal cardiac gene program that further weakens cardiac performance. Recent studies have revealed key roles for histone deacetylases (HDACs) in the control of pathological cardiac growth. Class II… CONTINUE READING


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