Control of branch-site choice by a group II intron.

  title={Control of branch-site choice by a group II intron.},
  author={Vi T. Chu and Catherine Adamidi and Quansheng Liu and Philip S. Perlman and Anna M Pyle},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={20 23},
The branch site of group II introns is typically a bulged adenosine near the 3'-end of intron domain 6. The branch site is chosen with extraordinarily high fidelity, even when the adenosine is mutated to other bases or if the typically bulged adenosine is paired. Given these facts, it has been difficult to discern the mechanism by which the proper branch site is chosen. In order to dissect the determinants for branch-point recognition, new mutations were introduced in the vicinity of the branch… CONTINUE READING