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Control of an Inverted Pendulum

  title={Control of an Inverted Pendulum},
  author={J. Lam},
  • J. Lam
  • Published 2004
  • Computer Science
Figure 1: The inverted pendulum. This experiment consists of a cart with mass Mc on a one dimensional track with a pendulum attached to the cart. The pendulum starts in the upward position. The cart is driven by a force from a servo motor. The position of the cart is denoted by xc(t), and the Voltage to the servo motor is denoted by v(t). The angle between the pendulum and its vertical or upright position is denoted by α; see Figure 1. The nonlinear equations of motion 
Inverted Pendulum Control: A Brief Overview
Inverted Pendulum is a classic example of an inherently unstable system. This paper studies the Control of Inverted Pendulum. It focuses on the Mobile Inverted Pendulum. A few papers have beenExpand
Study of Inverted Pendulum Robot Using Fuzzy Servo Control Method
In this paper, Lagrange method has been applied to develop the mathematical model of the inverted pendulum robot system and the objective of the simulation to be shown using the fuzzy control method can stabilize the nonlinear system of inverted pendula robot. Expand
LQG Control Design for Balancing an Inverted Pendulum Mobile Robot
The objective of this paper is to design linear quadratic controllers for a system with an inverted pendulum on a mobile robot. To this goal, it has to be determined which control strategy deliversExpand
LMI based control for balancing an Inverted Pendulum Mobile Robot
This paper tries to implement an Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) based optimal controller for inverted pendulum on a mobile robot system, to ensure robust stability and optimal performance with respect to the other known techniques in the literature. Expand
Modeling and PID Control of Single-Stage Inverted Pendulum System
The dynamic model is obtained based on researching the structure of single inverted pendulum system in this paper. Mathematical model of inverted pendulum that is close to the working point isExpand
Robust Control Of Inverted Pendulum Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Fsmc
This paper has tried to control the inverted pendulum angle by nonlinear equations by using fuzzy sliding control and no oscillation in response in seen by using this method and the time for achieving a desirable response is appropriate. Expand
Process Stabilization based on LQR Optimal Controller and Pole Placement
  • M. Rani, Sushma Kamlu
  • 2021 6th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT)
  • 2021
In recent trend stabilization of the system is a very basic classical control problem in the field of the control system. Moreover, the techniques don't just stabilize the system, but improve theExpand
Robust Control of Inverted Pendulum Using FuzzySliding Mode Control and Genetic Algorithm
By using a combination of Fuzzy Sliding Mode methods and Genetic Algorithms, this paper has tired to optimally control the inverted pendulum by nonlinear equations. Expand
Design of a Robust Controller for Inverted Pendulum
The simulations done on inverted pendulum using the new H∞ fuzzy PID controller provides better system responses in terms of transient and steady-state performances when compared to the pure classical PID or the pure fuzzy controller applications. Expand
Event-Based Control of the Inverted Pendulum: Swing up and Stabilization
Contrary to the classical (time-triggered) principle that calculates the control signal in a periodic fashion, an event-driven control is computed and updated only when a certain condition isExpand


A nonlinear observer for the inverted pendulum
  • J. Eker, K. Astrom
  • Mathematics
  • Proceeding of the 1996 IEEE International Conference on Control Applications IEEE International Conference on Control Applications held together with IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Contro
  • 1996
This paper deals with the design of a nonlinear observer for the inverted pendulum. The observer uses the standard structure of the linear observer with the linear model replaced by a nonlinearExpand
Nonlinear control of a swinging pendulum
A nonlinear controller to regulate the swinging energy of the pendulum for a cart and pendulum system is proposed and the stability of the closed-loop system is analyzed using an small-gain approach on a transverse linearization of the system about the desired periodic orbit. Expand
Swinging up a pendulum by energy control
It is shown that the behavior critically depends on the ratio of the maximum acceleration of the pivot to the acceleration of gravity. Expand
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