Control of ameloblast differentiation.

  title={Control of ameloblast differentiation.},
  author={Margarita Zeichner-David and Thomas G. H. Diekwisch and Alan G. Fincham and Eduardo C. Lau and Mary Macdougall and Janet Moradian-Oldak and James P. Simmer and Malcolm L Snead and Harold C. Slavkin},
  journal={The International journal of developmental biology},
  volume={39 1},
This review highlights a number of advances towards understanding the sequential developmental cascade of events beginning in the oral ectodermally-derived odontogenic placode and culminating in the formation of the mineralized enamel extracellular matrix. Recent discoveries of growth factors, growth factor receptors and transcription factors associated with instructive epithelial-mesenchymal interactions and subsequent controls for ameloblast cell differentiation are reviewed. The relationship… CONTINUE READING


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