Control of a Rigid Body Carrying Dissipative Oscillators under Perturbations

  title={Control of a Rigid Body Carrying Dissipative Oscillators under Perturbations},
  author={I. M. Anan’evskii and T. A. Ishkhanyan},
  journal={Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International},
This paper considers a system consisting of a carrier body and two linear dissipative oscillators attached to it. The body moves in a straight horizontal line under the action of a bounded control force and a small unknown perturbation. It is assumed that the coordinate and velocity of the body are known at all times and the phase states of the oscillators cannot be measured. A control law which stops the carrier body at the origin of coordinates in finite time is proposed. The effectiveness of… 

Controlled Motion of a Platform with Elastic Elements

  • I. Ananievski
  • Engineering
    2020 15th International Conference on Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems (Pyatnitskiy's Conference) (STAB)
  • 2020
The law of a bounded control is constructed, which allows to bring a platform with elastic elements to a given state of rest under incomplete information about the phase state of the system and in

Motion Control for Platforms Bearing Elastic Links with Unknown Phase States

  • I. M. Anan’evskii
  • Mathematics, Engineering
    Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International
  • 2019
We consider the problem on the controlled motion of a platform such that a solid body bearing a dissipative oscillator is attached to it by means of a spring. The platform moves along a horizontal



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