Control of Leishmania major by a monoclonal alpha beta T cell repertoire.

  title={Control of Leishmania major by a monoclonal alpha beta T cell repertoire.},
  author={Steven L Reiner and Deborah J Fowell and Naomi Moskowitz and Kevin Swier and Daniel R. Brown and Charles R Brown and Christoph Wilhelm Turck and Phillip A. Scott and Nigel Killeen and Richard M Locksley},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={160 2},
Little is known regarding the diversity of the host T cell response that is required to maintain immunologic control of microbial pathogens. Leishmania major persist as obligate intracellular parasites within macrophages of the mammalian host. Immunity is dependent upon activation of MHC class II-restricted T cells to an effector state capable of restricting growth and dissemination of the organisms. We generated alpha-beta Leishmania-specific (ABLE) TCR transgenic mice with MHC class II… CONTINUE READING
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